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Hands-on cooking class with Chef Dimitris Agorastos

Chef Dimitris Agorastos was born on February 7, 1967, in Platamonas.

He studied cooking in Berlin and attended seminars in Paris, as well as in Florence and Naples.

Through a European route and delicious personal guided tours, he returned to his base and offered his special culinary creations at some of the country's best restaurants, such as Casa di Pasta, Vive Mar, Mykonos Camares and more.

His purpose is to transform its cooking skills and experiences into imaginative and delicious creations.

Greek recipes, modern, smart, with interesting ingredients, evolve and give their mark to "Greek Creative Cuisine".

Get in the hands of Chef's "school", and travel to a game of flavors inspired by his passion for cooking and the smell of the season ...!


Duration: 1 Hour

Learn about the Mediterranean diet
Get to know the secrets of Greek cuisine
Enjoy the meal with your fellow classmates
Accompany the meal with Complimentary local ouzo & tsipouro

Price: 40 Euro per person

Minimum Number of attendees: 8 people

By appointment only
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  • 23/05/2024 15:49 local time

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