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Κατηγορία: Top Activities Near Me

Απρ 17
Biking Back in Time: The first 600km Brevet Cycling Marathon in Northern Greece

The first 600km Brevet Cycling Marathon is coming not only to Pieria region but also to Northern Greece and it’s going to be the ultimate test of endurance and sporting spirit. The 600km Brevet Cycling Marathon is organized by “ARMENIKI” (THE UNION OF ARMENIAN ATHLETES OF THESSALONIKI). They have got the green light from The […]

Απρ 16
Cherry Blossom Festival in Pieria: A Weekend of Blooming Beauty in Pieria region

The Cherry Blossom Festival in Pieria was absolutely stunning! Held over two days under the Greek National Tourism Organization, the festivities took place in Kolindros of Pydna-Kolindros Municipality on Saturday, April 13th, and in Rachi of Katerini Municipality at The Agricultural Cooperative “O AGIOS LOUKAS” on Sunday, April 14th. I bet it was a magical experience in Pieria region seeing […]

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Ιούλ 14
Katerini Events | Enjoy The 3rd Culinary Festival of the Mountain & Forest in Katerini municipality, Pieria Region.

The Culinary Festival of the Mountain & Forest in Katerini municipality will once more become a celebration of the senses with this gastronomic-cultural festival, which celebrates its third anniversary in 2023 on July 15th and 16th. This Year, The 3rd Culinary Festival of the Mountain & Forest in Katerini municipality enables unique gastronomic and cultural […]

Ιούλ 03
Olympus Festival 2023 | International Cultural event in Pieria Region

The favorite summer Olympus festival returns in 2023 starting from July 5th to September 2nd with a full program of live music, performances, and various cultural events in the Pieria region.  For the first time ever, Olympus Festival 2023 events will be to honor The Archeology Teacher and Excavator Dimitris Pantermalis. Ideally, you can enjoy […]

Ιούν 15
Prometheia Festival 2023

Welcome to the  28th Prometheus celebration ! As the Media Sponsor, we are delighted to announce that  Prometheia Festival 2023  will take place this year on July 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th at the base of Mount Olympus,  Pieria region , Greece. This 28-year-old Prometheia Festival is a four-day event that gathers several thousand Hellenic […]

Ιούν 07
Thèros | First Big 3-Day Summer Event in Katerini, Pieria region!

Undoubtedly, Summer is the best season of the year in Pieria region. Summertime seems specially designed to share fun, family adventures, tastiest food, and perfect weather. This year in the Municipality of Katerini , especially in Paralia, Olympic Beach, and Korino, on June 9, 10 & 11 , you will enjoy Thèros Event . It […]

Φεβ 15
Winter in Pieria? | 5 Best Things to Do in winter when you visit Pieria region!

Winter in Pieria is certainly not the country’s most popular season. Thanks to the beaches’ quietness, the deserted islands, and the chilly weather. However, if you plan this year to spend winter in Pieria region, I beg you you will spend an amazing time exploring many ancient sites without dripping with sweat and being surrounded […]

Δεκ 20
Christmas in Pieria | Time to Explore The First Christmas Museum in Katerini, Pieria!

When Christmas comes, destinations across the whole world feel the joyful spirit. Christmas in Pieria Is something like fairytales, you will enjoy the festive decorations and cheerful events that capture the holiday joy and also beautiful scenery. Ideally, Pieria region has many outstanding Christmas destinations like Katerini (the capital of Pieria region) and Litochoro. So, […]

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Οκτ 17
The Truth About Hike Mount Olympus Everyone Should Know: A Guide for Best Day Hikes at Mount Olympus different Trails

Hike Mount Olympus is number one on numerous tourists’ bucket lists while visiting Greece? Those visitors come to enjoy the best day hikes at Mount Olympus extraordinary nature.   Want to find out how to enjoy an easy day hike at Mount Olympus? Keep reading, and we will take a look at Mount Olympus different […]

Σεπ 20
Uncover Sotiris Rema Waterfall secrets | Best Day Hikes in Pieria Greece 

Elatochori offers the best day hikes in Greece, thanks to its breathtaking landscapes and inspiring adventure. It is an exceptional opportunity to connect with nature while traveling in the footsteps of centuries of humanity.    Discover more about WaterFalls in the Pieria region Here    I’m Sotiria Oustampasidou a Mountain Guide who married an Ultra Mountain Runner. […]