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Μαρ 07
Clean Monday in Pieria Region: A Comprehensive Guide

Spring has arrived, bringing with it the colorful celebration of Clean Monday in Pieria region. Vibrant kites dance in the breeze, and blooming flowers fill the air with the sweet fragrance of the season. This special day marks the beginning of Lent and is a chance to reconnect with nature and bid farewell to the […]

Μαρ 05
Tsiknopempti | Why Should You Celebrate It in Pieria region?

Tsiknopempti is an extraordinary pre-Lenten celebration all over Greece on the Thursday of the second week of the Triodion. This celebration is a time to indulge in a large quantity of grilled meat, marking the final feast before the fasting period of Lent begins. Pieria region is the most incredible region where Tsiknopempti is celebrated […]