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In ExperiencePieria, we are committed to providing you with ideal, accurate, informative, and authentic, quality travel content that’s inspiring, interesting, and enlightening in different formats, including the comprehensive Travel Guide to visit Pieria, Greece. 

It includes in a super easy way all what you need to discover, plan, or reserve your next trip to visit Pieria, Greece from places in Pieria, to activities to do, accommodations to stay, day trips, restaurants to events, beaches resorts, and services all in one place. Additionally, it also includes weekly updated Pieria region’s news, weather, events, and special offers. 

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We are based in Litochoro and we serve Pieria region. We have been online since 6 August 2022, and the plan is to be ready for visitors’ subscription in the spring of 2023. 

Our Team 

We are a fast-growing, authentic website based in Pieria, Greece that collaborates with local tourism industry experts with further acquaintance and knowledge in the travel industry that can inspire you to discover more, and plan your trip to visit Pieria region according to your wishes. 

Our extremely close-knit team specialize in the travel niche to present high-quality content that’s inspiring, engaging, and informative. Hence, they update all our guides and features daily to provide quality travel content from Pieria, Greece.

What we offer 

  • High-quality live photos and videos. 
  • A brief summary for all areas in Pieria, Greece, with highlights of essential attractions. 
  • Accommodation recommendations connected with web links will automatically direct you to the hotels and booking sites. 
  • Helpful Information about entertainment and outdoor activities you can do in Pieria region and links for companies that offer them.
  • Guides to arts and culture, including best museums, theaters, live events, and other attractions. 
  • Great restaurant experiences from the customer’s perspective. 
  • Things to do when you visit Pieria, Greece, Packing tips, weather updates. 
  • Location on Map, Social Media Links, and work hours. 
  • Public transport information, car rental terms, and companies for car rentals. 


Above all else, we areeager to find creative solutions and communicate our ideas and insights to readers through our daily blog, updated by our excellent writers and storytellers who offer helpful advice and inspiration to get our visitors excited to explore hidden places in Pieria. Greece. 

What makes us unique is that we love our Job  

ExperiencePieria is powered by our video/photo production company, so, we clearly focus on creating 365 daily fresh, authentic content from Pieria. 


Easily, you can contact us directly via email support with any questions regarding your trip to Pieria, Greece. 



Autumn in Olympos. Photo: Dionisis Koulianos

Hi, I’m George. About ten years ago, I moved to Litochoro. This picturesque small town is a popular destination for those wishing to climb Mount Olympus, Pieria, Greece. My profession as a passionate photographer/cinematographer makes me enjoy taking photos and creating mini-documentaries outdoors.  

Ideally, living here In Litochoro and digging into dazzling places daily, enjoying a coastline of more than 70 km that offers a selection of sophisticated virgin sandy beaches, push me to do something to help passionate tourists who want to discover more while planning their trip with our inspirational and authentic travel guide to visit Pieria, Greece away from the hustle and bustle of the crowded world. 

Also, to have an excuse which pushes me to share with you daily the beauty of this place. So, you will not fall too far down the rabbit hole, and waste time trying to get a tiny piece of information from here and there! 

It’s no surprise that It’s business. Still, it’s also a win-win situation for us, as I’m an Athenian, not from here, so my point of view is like that of you as a visitor. It is all new for me too.  

As Founder of the ExperiencePieria Website, I aim to explore and share all the nugget of gold that no one else sees with you. 

In August 2022, I decided to create ExperiencePieria, so we deal with local tourism industry experts here to set forth their services all in one place, that help you explore, reserve, and plan your adventure in Pieria region straightforwardly and affordably. 

I also want to thank our professional agents and local experts we collaborate with, our team, and special thanks to our respected clients who trust us, without whom our success would not be possible. 

George Gizelis, 


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