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Νοέ 18
Is Skoteina Morna A Haunted Village?

Welcome! Let us take you on a journey to the enigmatic Skoteina Morna. This abandoned village in the Pieria region is situated at an altitude of 700 meters and has a history that spans over a century. Why do we name it Skoteina Morna? Known as “Morna” since the 19th century, the village was named […]

Οκτ 18
Pieria region: An Insider’s Look at Elatochori Village!

If you’re looking for a peaceful getaway in Pieria region and want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of Katerini city, why not check out Elatochori village? Where is Elatochori village in Pieria region? Elatochori is a tiny village tucked away in the mountains of Northern Greece, just 30 Km from Katerini, […]

Οκτ 16
Ancient Pydna in Pieria Region: A Journey of Discovery

Have you heard of Ancient Pydna in Pieria region? It’s an amazing place that has been around for centuries and is full of rich history. The city, was originally known as Kydna. It prospered throughout the Iron Age and the Archaic Period until the time of the Roman Empire. Today, it’s one of the most […]

Οκτ 08
Autumn In Pieria: 5 Reasons Why Fall is the best time to visit Pieria region!

Fall is a season of transition, with its own unique qualities. Autumn in Pieria, it marks the shift from summer and spring to winter. The weather in Pieria region during fall is sunny, with cool sea breezes providing a refreshing break from the heat. While any time of year is good for a vacation, Autumn […]

Ιούλ 24
Blue Flag Ranked: 5 Best Beaches in Pieria Region 2023

What are the best beaches in Pieria region? That depends on what kind of beach adventure you want to experience. Pieria is the region of currents, glamour, and natural beauty. Despite welcoming a never-ending collection of visitors each year, Pieria region has its traditional and authentic charm and all the luxuriousness that today characterizes the […]

Ιούλ 14
Katerini Events | Enjoy The 3rd Culinary Festival of the Mountain & Forest in Katerini municipality, Pieria Region.

The Culinary Festival of the Mountain & Forest in Katerini municipality will once more become a celebration of the senses with this gastronomic-cultural festival, which celebrates its third anniversary in 2023 on July 15th and 16th. This Year, The 3rd Culinary Festival of the Mountain & Forest in Katerini municipality enables unique gastronomic and cultural […]

Ιούλ 03
Olympus Festival 2023 | International Cultural event in Pieria Region

The favorite summer Olympus festival returns in 2023 starting from July 5th to September 2nd with a full program of live music, performances, and various cultural events in the Pieria region.  For the first time ever, Olympus Festival 2023 events will be to honor The Archeology Teacher and Excavator Dimitris Pantermalis. Ideally, you can enjoy […]

Ιούν 15
Prometheia Festival 2023

Welcome to the  28th Prometheus celebration ! As the Media Sponsor, we are delighted to announce that  Prometheia Festival 2023  will take place this year on July 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th at the base of Mount Olympus,  Pieria region , Greece. This 28-year-old Prometheia Festival is a four-day event that gathers several thousand Hellenic […]

Ιούν 07
Thèros | First Big 3-Day Summer Event in Katerini, Pieria region!

Undoubtedly, Summer is the best season of the year in Pieria region. Summertime seems specially designed to share fun, family adventures, tastiest food, and perfect weather. This year in the Municipality of Katerini , especially in Paralia, Olympic Beach, and Korino, on June 9, 10 & 11 , you will enjoy Thèros Event . It […]

Μάι 25
Places To Stay if you find yourself in Elatohori, Pieria Region for a Greek holiday!

Elatochori features several good accommodation options. It is also home to some seriously fantastic hotels worth value for money as well. Sun-seeking couples, families, or even friends who favor the seaside resorts over the mountains or along the beach will surely love this mountainous village that lies on the Pierian Mountains, Pieria region, Greece. Here […]