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Κατηγορία: Experience Pieria

Μάι 03
Join the Festivities in Pieria Region: Celebrate Easter and Saint George’s Day in Municipality of Dion-Olympus

The municipality of Dion-Olympus is the place in Pieria region to be during Easter. The celebrations are full of energy and tradition, and the view of Mount Olympus towering above only adds to the experience. If you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate Easter, this is definitely the place to be. It is a picturesque location and an […]

Απρ 21
Palaios Panteleimonas: Where History, Nature, and Adventure Await!

If you’re looking for a place to escape the chaos of city life, look no further than Palaios Panteleimonas in Pieria region! Where is Palaios Panteleimonas? It’s located amidst the stunning beauty of Mount Olympus and is only 43 km away from Katerini. This picturesque destination is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle […]

Απρ 16
Cherry Blossom Festival in Pieria: A Weekend of Blooming Beauty in Pieria region

The Cherry Blossom Festival in Pieria was absolutely stunning! Held over two days under the Greek National Tourism Organization, the festivities took place in Kolindros of Pydna-Kolindros Municipality on Saturday, April 13th, and in Rachi of Katerini Municipality at The Agricultural Cooperative “O AGIOS LOUKAS” on Sunday, April 14th. I bet it was a magical experience in Pieria region seeing […]

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Απρ 13
Pieria Region: 5 reasons To spend Greek Easter In Pieria

We all know that Pieria region is a picturesque place that is known for its natural beauty, historical sites, and traditional culture. Greek Easter in Pieria is particularly special , celebrated with great enthusiasm and passion in Greece. Here are 5 reasons why you should spend Greek Easter in Pieria! The Beautiful Scenery in Pieria […]

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Μαρ 07
Top 3 Carnival’s Events in Municipality of Dion-Olympus

Looking for a fun-filled way to celebrate Carnival and Koulouma in Pieria region? Join us in Municipality of Dion-Olympus from March 7th to 18th for an amazing time. You’ll get to enjoy colorful parades, traditional dances, and delicious food in the midst of breathtaking scenery. Trust us, you won’t forget these memories anytime soon! So […]

Μαρ 07
Clean Monday in Pieria Region: A Comprehensive Guide

Spring has arrived, bringing with it the colorful celebration of Clean Monday in Pieria region. Vibrant kites dance in the breeze, and blooming flowers fill the air with the sweet fragrance of the season. This special day marks the beginning of Lent and is a chance to reconnect with nature and bid farewell to the […]

Μαρ 05
Tsiknopempti | Why Should You Celebrate It in Pieria region?

Tsiknopempti is an extraordinary pre-Lenten celebration all over Greece on the Thursday of the second week of the Triodion. This celebration is a time to indulge in a large quantity of grilled meat, marking the final feast before the fasting period of Lent begins. Pieria region is the most incredible region where Tsiknopempti is celebrated […]

Οκτ 16
Ancient Pydna in Pieria Region: A Journey of Discovery

Have you heard of Ancient Pydna in Pieria region? It’s an amazing place that has been around for centuries and is full of rich history. The city, was originally known as Kydna. It prospered throughout the Iron Age and the Archaic Period until the time of the Roman Empire. Today, it’s one of the most […]

Ιούλ 14
Katerini Events | Enjoy The 3rd Culinary Festival of the Mountain & Forest in Katerini municipality, Pieria Region.

The Culinary Festival of the Mountain & Forest in Katerini municipality will once more become a celebration of the senses with this gastronomic-cultural festival, which celebrates its third anniversary in 2023 on July 15th and 16th. This Year, The 3rd Culinary Festival of the Mountain & Forest in Katerini municipality enables unique gastronomic and cultural […]

Μάι 25
Places To Stay if you find yourself in Elatohori, Pieria Region for a Greek holiday!

Elatochori features several good accommodation options. It is also home to some seriously fantastic hotels worth value for money as well. Sun-seeking couples, families, or even friends who favor the seaside resorts over the mountains or along the beach will surely love this mountainous village that lies on the Pierian Mountains, Pieria region, Greece. Here […]

Μάι 10
Katerini’s Events | The 12 Labors of Hercules at Katerini Municipal Park, Pieria Region, Greece!

Katerini is a welcoming city that is full of wonders. It is a city and municipality in northern Greece, the capital city of the Pieria region in Central Macedonia, Greece. You could call Katerini the land of the unexpected and that’s what you will see during your experience of The 12 Labors of Hercules, and […]

Απρ 15
Celebrate Greek Easter in Pieria 2023: Live The Epitaphios procession on Good Friday!

Greek Easter in Pieria and the whole of Greece is the most religious and cultural day. The Greek Orthodox Church celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ with the arrival of Spring when everything is reborn. In 2023, Greek Easter is celebrated in Pieria region on the 16th of April throughout the country. The best places […]

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