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Winter in Pieria | 6 Reasons Why We Should Visit Pieria in Winter?

If you plan to spend winter in Pieria, it will spoil you for choice and give you a memorable holiday. Visit Pieria in winter will make you enjoy a fascinating combination of culture, history, and outdoor activities, your holiday will be one top of adventure. Additionally, you will enjoy folklore and concert theatre that will give you a glance at the local culture, and the museums present neatly chronicled history for history buffs.

Thessaloniki tangent to the clear gulf with a clear sky in the top from the top of Mount Olympus
A bird eye of Thessaloniki from Mount Olympus, Pieria.

National parks in Pieria are little slices of nature where you can come for peace away from the mad rush. Pieria also hosts various festivals throughout the year. So, in winter, you can catch at least a couple of them.

Here are some reasons why Pieria is worth visiting in winter…

1.      Temperature is great

Winter temperatures in Pieria of Greece are generally calm and could be downright warm which is perfect for exploring the cities or islands.

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Normally, it will be cold and rainy, but a lot less of it than in most other European destinations.


2.      Winter in Pieria has fewer crowds

snowy white ground and Chapel of Prophet Elias in Litochoro on the top with a clear sky above.
Chapel of Prophet Elias, Litochoro, Pieria.

Pieria in winter is a delight to experience without having to fight your way through hordes of tourists. You will discover and enjoy famous archaeological sites and museums in quiet and stillness and allow yourself to be transported back in time.

Furthermore, you can finally experience Greek culture in Pieria, listen to authentic Greek music in the tavernas, and eat real Greek food.

3.      Winter in Pieria has Affordable prices

In Pieria, when the crowds are gone, the prices are down. However, the Christmas holiday is also when many hotels tend to charge more. Avoid those, and you will find the off-season in Pieria very affordable.

4.      Sites are more peaceful

Finally, you can visit, stroll, and discover more at a slower pace without being the first to enter the site to avoid both the crowds and the heat.

5.      More availability for the accommodation

Sometimes you see the perfect accommodation for your needs, but you can’t book it because simply, it is summer, and they all sell out before you have even had the chance to consult your credit card.

visit pieria in winter and enjoy this snowy roof and ground at Pierion Musses Hotel in Plaio Elatochori, Pieria.
Pierion Musses Hotel, Palio Elatochori, Pieria.


It is different in winter. Hence, there is a much higher chance that your preferred hotel will have availability, and like we said above, at a price that will not make your wallet.

6.      skiing season mood on

Of course, we must mention Elatochori’s Ski Resort. Hence, in addition to the Pierian mountains and Mount Olympus in Pieria, we have a ski center, and it is just a place for snow sports lovers.

winter in pieria with a white snowy floor and a small wooden chalet  and lots of guests
Aloha Chalet At the bottom of the Ski Center of Elatochori, Pieria.

The resort is in the northern part Pieria region, close to Thessaloniki. As the mountain top reaches 1,750 meters. So, the vibe feels both authentic and relaxed. Additionally, this adds to the scenic view, at the edge for those appreciating a great slope for skiing and snowboarding!


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