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Christmas in Pieria | Time to Explore The First Christmas Museum in Katerini, Pieria!

When Christmas comes, destinations across the whole world feel the joyful spirit. Christmas in Pieria Is something like fairytales, you will enjoy the festive decorations and cheerful events that capture the holiday joy and also beautiful scenery.

Christmas 3d modeling in Christmas museum Katerini Pieria

Ideally, Pieria region has many outstanding Christmas destinations like Katerini
(the capital of Pieria
region) and Litochoro. So, if you plan to visit Pieria at Christmas, you will enjoy a perfect Christmas in Pieria.

Christmas decorations on the Christmas museum in Katerini's balcony

You may have never booked such an adventurous and wanderlust-infused vacation around the holidays.

This year, you are getting ready to fill up your camera roll with the most beautiful pictures to remember.

As productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.

Finally, the Christmas Museum opens in Katerini to amuse children and adults. Traveling around the house with Ag. Vasilis, as a guide, in an atmosphere of magic and celebration, promises an unforgettable experience!Entrance to the Christmas museum in Katerini Pieria

The Christmas Museum in Katerini , the capital of Pieria region, is a place that celebrates the Christmas holiday season.

This brand-new museum is considered a treasure of cultural heritage. It focuses on traditional customs, decorations, vibes, and characters of Christmas.

Additionally, you can discover more about the history of the Christmas holiday and Agios Vasilis, his beard and costume, the Christmas customs and folklore of the whole of Greece, fairy tales, toys, crafts, and Christmas treats.Santa Claus is sitting on a chair among Christmas decorations

Then you can participate in creating Christmas cards, baking traditional treats, and having a  beautiful time with a collection of unforgettable pictures.

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Now, we can skip to Litochoro , the village built at the foot of Mount Olympus, which confirms that nature is the best artist all year.

Ideally, you will enjoy strolling through the town squares , the picturesque neighborhoods, the decorated fir trees, and the wooden houses that are carefully cleaned and decorated for Christmas.

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