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Getting Around Pieria, Greece: 6 Easy Ways to Get Around Pieria Region on Budget

Tourism in Pieria region is admired worldwide. Thanks to its comfortable mountain hikes, golden beaches, ancient ruins, cultural monuments, impressive buildings, festivals, and fun indoor and outdoor activities.


Pieria region has the edge of having one of the best transportation networks in Greece; each network enhances the others. Together they are much stronger than they would be if any of the networks were missing.


Faultlessly, there are regular bus and train services connecting all parts of Pieria region. Besides Taxi services, car rentals, and motorbikes.


 It is all pretty general, right? So, let’s go through each way, one by one.


1.      Bus

A popular and cheap way to get around in Greece. Buses in Pieria run from 6 am to 10 pm, and there are also night buses.
Tip: Tickets can be purchased from kiosks at stations, not from inside the bus.


2.      Trains

In the case of the train from Thessaloniki, it is a direct service and takes approximately one hour, then you can ride a short taxi ride.


Also, there are rail services linking Pieria with Athens and the towns of Macedonia and Thrace. The journey from Athens is around 4 hours.

Tip: A one-way Ticket from Athens to Katerini (Capital of Pieria region) could charge 44€, and 75€ for a round-trip.


Check the timetables here:


3.      Plane

Thessaloniki is the closest major city to Pieria region. It is linked to Athens, Ioannina, Heraklion, Limnos, Lesbos, Rhodes, Skiathos, and many European countries. So, you can get into Pieria from all the airports in Greece and worldwide through Athens and Thessaloniki airports.



4.      KTEL suburban buses

Long-distance buses in Greece are known as “KTEL” buses, and almost every region has its own bus company. So, you can get around the whole of Pieria region on a budget.


Tip: A round-trip ticket from Athens to Litochoro could charge you 50€.

Check their website Here


5.      Taxis

Effortlessly, you can find taxi stations all around Pieria. Also, you can call a taxi driver to pick you up wherever and whenever you want.


To stop a taxi, you have to go to the street’s side and raise your hand. Also, Taxis are slightly cheap compared to other European countries.

Keep this in mind…

  • The taxi driver must turn on the meter as soon as you get into the taxi.
  • Sometimes the taxi fare is fixed on islands and outlying areas, whatever the distance. So, it is better to ask about the fare amount before starting your ride.
  • Shared taxis are popular in Greece and so do in Pieria region. So, it is normal to stop a taxi that already has passengers.


6.      Rent a car in Pieria

Finally, if you want to rent a car in Pieria, Greece, let us guarantee you that it is a suitable and useful way to discover the Whole of Pieria Region. However, there are several things you should be aware of;


  • If you plan to drive around on Sunday, make sure your tank is full, as many gas stations are closed on Sunday.
  • Keep this in mind, gas on islands is 10-20% more expensive than in cities.
  • Be Careful, trucks are also allowed to move anywhere at any time, even on narrow streets.
  • Know very well that Greek drivers are generally careless, they often exceed the speed limit, change routes, and use horns most of the time. So, let them drive, and drive carefully.
  •  You can also use Google Maps to help you reach the most important and attractive tourist areas in Pieria, Greece.



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