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Winter in Pieria? | 5 Best Things to Do in winter when you visit Pieria region!

Winter in Pieria is certainly not the country’s most popular season. Thanks to the beaches’ quietness, the deserted islands, and the chilly weather. However, if you plan this year to spend winter in Pieria region, I beg you you will spend an amazing time exploring many ancient sites without dripping with sweat and being surrounded by other over-enthusiastic tourists.

Mount Olympus covered with snow, Winter in Pieria.
Mount Olympus

So, we decided to put together this guide to inspire you on why you should visit this beautiful region, even in the colder winter months!

1. Visit Ancient Sites in Pieria region

Pieria region has some incredible things to do, especially in winter. The famous ancient city’s top draws are the historic sites and world-class museums. The best thing about visiting Pieria region in winter is that the small crowds make museum exploring much easier and more enjoyable.

The Byzantine Castle of Platamon In the Municipality Dion-Olympus in Pieria region with trees and sea from the top.
The Byzantine Castle of Platamon

One of the best museums in Pieria is the Archaeological Museum of Dion which is a 10-minute walk west of the archaeological park, surrounded by cult areas, that was inhabited continuously from the Classical period to Early Christian times. The museum contains many things to see such as Jewels, statues, everyday life, statues, coins, pottery, tools, and all from excavations in surrounding areas many more. 

In addition, You can visit The Byzantine Castle of Platamon In the Municipality Dion-Olympus ( Greek: το κάστρο του Πλαταμώνα ) which is southeast of Mount Olympus and dated back to the middle Byzantine period. There, you can enjoy the amazing views over the sea in front and the mountains behind. 

Besides, the Olympus Geological History Museum in Leptokarya and Olympus National Park Information Center in Litochoro are at the foot of Mount Olympus. Both museums showcase historical artifacts that will inform you about geology, archaeological sites, mythology, monasteries, plants, animals, and other subjects relating to Mount Olympus.

Also, The Old Monastery of St. Dionysius hidden among the woods is considered the most important monastery in Pieria. It dates back to the year 1542 and is located on the Enipeas gorge about 17km from Litochoro, at an altitude of 850 meters on the slopes of Mount Olympus. 

The Old Monastery of St. Dionysius is hidden in the woods on the slopes of Mount Olympus, Pieria, Greece.
The Old Monastery of St. Dionysius

Further, Litochoro Maritime Museum uncovers the great local maritime history and hosts several models of boats and ships vintage photos, and nautical devices. 

You will learn about Greek history and culture and see some mind-boggling things too. All with hardly anyone around you, which Museum-lovers will confirm, really elevates the experience.

So, if you have ever seen ancient Greek art in your history textbooks, chances are you will find it here.

2. Skiing in the ski center of Elatochori

The ski passes and accommodation here in Pieria are cheaper than in the rest of Europe, but the scenery is just as breathtaking.

Aloha Chalet is covered with snow and surrounded by trees in Elatochori village, Pieria region, Greece.
Aloha Chalet, Elatochori, pieria.

The ski center of Elatochori village in the northern part of Pieria region 5 minutes away from Elatochori, close to Thessaloniki, is a great place to spend a winter ski experience.

3. Hiking Mount Olympus in Pieria region

Hike along scenic waterfalls in Pieria, which takes you through the spectacular nature. Or find one of the many trails on beautiful Mount Olympus.

into the woods, E4 hike entrance from Enipeas canyon, Mount Olympus, Pieria, Greece.
E4 hike entrance from Enipeas canyon, Mount Olympus, Pieria, Greece.

Fortunately, if you are a first-time hiker on Mount Olympus you will find many comfortable trails with varying degrees of difficulty to follow that will take you into the best gorges with scenic views.


Additionally, you will explore charming mountain villages, deep canyons, and striking mountains. It should take around three days to complete, with time to stop and enjoy your surroundings.

4. Enjoy Greek cuisine

Food goes through a substantial shift when the weather gets chilly. Greek winter food is healthy and delicious, as it will warm you up and keep your energy high.

grilled chicken, grilled tomato and potatoes in a pot.
Grilled Chicken made by MANDALA Seaside Luxury, paralia katerini, Pieria.

If you plan to visit Pieria in December, try traditional Christmas treats like spinach with cheese pies and roast pork. Also, Greek coffee with a slice of baklava with its rich flavor is the best thing you can eat in winter.

5. Get cozy in one of the wine bars

Pieria region has some spectacular bars in which to enjoy a coffee, cocktail, or a wide variety of wines and fine meze. So, it’s worth finding a spot and enjoying a drop of the good stuff.

Wine bottle and empty glasses with a wine bar in the background, Olympus Wines, Litochoro, Pieria.
Olympus Wines, Litochoro, Pieria.




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