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Top 7 best Destinations to Visit in Pieria’s Adventure

Pieria region, which you can also anoint “the land of gods” on the map, is the smallest regional unit within Macedonia discovered in the eastern part of Greece.  

It is well-known for combining meaning and fascination. The remarkable architectural monuments that have come to it since ancient times, including the ancient cities of Dion and Pidna, combined with the beautiful landscapes along the coastline and sandy beaches. 

So, I will offer you a soup-to-nuts look at the best Destinations to Visit in Pieria. So, you will not be just some fellow stumbler on the path in the darkness, But You have a torch to highlight your holiday in Pieria, Greece. 


1-Mount Olympus


A place that was once home to the ancient Greek god. Without trying to dig into ancient history. 

Climbing or hiking on Mount Olympus is a must when you visit the Pieria region, especially in summer. Thanks to its various trails, you can choose the difficulty level. 

In this way, enjoying this adventure is guaranteed if you are an experienced climber or a beginner who decided to conquer the mysterious summit for the first time. 

Also, you will be guided by professional trainers of different capabilities, including family groups accompanying you on your route to the most famous Greek peak Mount Olympus, making your way exciting and accessible. 

Besides, they also provide information on appropriate preparation, equipment, and clothing. 


Waterfall in Olympus Mountain Pieria Greece
Waterfall in Enipeas Canyon – Mountain Olympus


2-Dion Archaeological Park


The city of Dion or Dion Archaeological Park dates back to the Hellenistic era when king Zeus the king of all gods, was worshipped when it functioned as the religious center of Macedonia. 

You can walk along the cobblestone trails and enjoy exploring its ancient sites.  

The site consists of two main halls, a Roman Hall and the other is a Greek Hall, and a Roman bath complex with a creative hypocaust system that could heat the floors. 

Additionally, while exploring the grounds of Dion, you can take a break by exploring the natural springs and waterfalls. Also, you can watch and take panoramic photos of various species of flora and fauna. 

After that, continue the Dion archaeological park tour, as you can note several important sanctuaries, including those of Zeus, Demeter, Isis, and Asclepius. 

Ultimately, your tour here can include the Roman market, the villa of Dionysus, the Praetorium, and many other exciting things. 


In a flash, you can find The Archaeological Park of Dion Museum just half a kilometer west of the archaeological park in the city of Dion that includes many ancient finds of Dion and other surrounding archaeological sites.  

Ideally, you can observe sculptures from the Hellenistic and Roman eras, combined with a massive collection of well-preserved items from the early Christian basilicas and many more artifacts such as tombstones, potteries, and coins.


3-Paralia Katerinis

 Paralia Katerinis is the best place to enjoy your summer vacation on the well-known Olympic Riviera in the Pieria region, Greece. 

You can easily enjoy getting to know Olympiaki Akti and the surroundings by bike, thanks to the flat terrain. It also offers terrific golden sandy beaches that extend south to Thessaly and the Sporades Islands. 

As you can explore Mount Olympus National Park, and in a flash, you can reach Paralia Katerinis and have a day trip to Meteora, which is considered one of Europe’s most interesting rock formations. 

Lastly, you can Visit Saint Paraskevi Church or Agia Fotini, “as the Grecians call it,” which is an experience that will make you find your inner peace and tranquility. 

Also, you can visit Meteora, one of Greece’s most spectacular places to see, including the six monasteries built on top of the rocks like the Monastery of the Holy Trinity and the Monastery of Rousanou. 

In-order-that Paralia Katerinis is a favorite destination for you and your family across Europe.



 Platamon, or Platamonas, is a small, charming seaside town and popular summer destination that is ideal for a family vacation, as its location is very convenient, so access to it is straightforward; it is located in the south Pieria region, Central Macedonia, Greece. 

You can enjoy exploring the 13th-century Platamonas Castle, the landmark attraction in Platamonas.  

In Contrast, It is an exceptional view of Platamonas Castle and Olympus Mountain from the beach near Nei Pori Beach, which is located at the foot of the picturesque village of Palioi Poroi – a wonderful place with a beautiful coastline. Which offers a beautiful contrast with the sea, especially when the top is snowy, and the sea is still sunny 

It is also suitable especially for parents with small children; thus, the beach offers facilities like an amusement park, sports activities, and games. 

Additionally, you can lie on the beach, swim in the warm sea, and enjoy several Crystal-clear and golden sandy beaches with flat little stones on the sea shore and its bottom, which is perfect for long walks. 

You can also visit the shops in which there are considerable.  

Nei Pori Beach is located at the foot of the picturesque village of Palaioi Poroi – a wonderful place with a beautiful coastline.


5-the Olympic Riviera

 The Olympic Riviera is located right underneath the site of the supreme Greek gods – Mount Olympus. It is a beautiful landscape of mysterious stories and the birthplace of Greek mythology, right under 

No wonder the Olympic Riviera is awarded the Blue Flag of the EU for quality every year. Hence, the Olympian Riviera’s main attraction is its famous 60 km-long Olympic beach, goldish sand, and crystal-clear blue water. 

Ideally, Olympic Beach has all the necessary infrastructure, including sports facilities, water sports, pedestrian walkways, disabled access, parking, and a doctor. Also, You will find various hotels, hostels, restaurants, bars, and rich nightlife. It is connected to Paralia Beach with a coastal street, cycle track, and pier. 


You will not have a holiday in Pieria region as an adventure and wild beauty charm lover unless you visit Litochoro at least once, located at the base of Mount Olympus, 20 km from the city center of Katerini. 

When you hear Litochoro, you will instantly feel the sizzling, sunkissed islands, the stunning turquoise shores, and the white-painted sugar-cube homes looking over the Aegean Sea, which contains around 2,000 islands settled by ancient Greeks; the most extensive among them being Crete (Kriti) and the best known and most often photographed Santorini. 

There is no need for compromises if there are seaside and mountain lovers in your family; at Litochoro, you can quickly have both, bound in the spectacle of wildlife that inspired legends and tales about supernatural spirits and all-powerful, exquisite gods. 


Pieria Mount Olympus Greece
View of Litochoro and Aegean from Mount Olympus (Location Portes)


 Katerini Town is one of the most popular holiday destinations in mainland Greece, a destination where vacation is the beach, bars, parties, and Greek spirit, a goal with a beautiful history whose remains can be visited in the surroundings, Katerini is the capital city of Pieria region unit in Central Macedonia, Greece. 

Katerini is not only a spectacular place but an excellent way to discover the glamour of Greece. Hence, it has a perfect location on the east coast, making it very easy for you to see many other best destinations in Pieria. 

Lastly, If you are a shopping person, you should visit Katerini because you will enjoy shopping for quality products at reasonable prices.  

Then after a long day of shopping, nothing better than a walk down Katerini’s peaceful streets. 

As you can glimpse, Pieria region is an ideal way to discover the magnificence of Greece, and with the result that you will think the same after your wonderful experience. 


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