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Discover 6 reasons why Pieria is the best destination to visit in Greece 

The region of Pieria, or Πιερία in the Greek language Which, originated from the name of an ancient tribe called Pieria. 


It is one of the territorial units in Greece and the smallest regional unit in Macedonia. Pieria is located in the south part of Macedonia and the eastern part of the country. 


Pieria is not only famous for its architectural monuments and beautiful landscapes next to the sea, pine forests, and isolated bays, which allow you to choose the landscape you want. But also, its beautiful beaches, mountain peaks, culture, travel infrastructures, hotels, and gastronomy. 



So, if you are a solo traveler, with your partner, or even your family and want a refreshing holiday, the good news is that Pieria has a wide variety of options, which will, no doubt, fits your needs. That’s why we will Discover why Pieria is one of the best destinations to visit in Greece! 



  1. The combination of mountains, and sea, with a range of villages 

Pieria is a great vacation option for those who cannot decide their destination: to the peaks or the sea. Hence, it merges the magic of the 16 organized golden sand beaches with crystal clear, blue seas and shallow water. So, it is safe for all ages and suitable for a calm family break from intense nightlife. 


In addition to many compelling villages varying from recent fishing villages to little historical towns, besides the abbeys whose history dates back to the Middle Ages. 


All those fortes meet the magnificence of Mount Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece, which is believed by many to be the throne of the ancient Greek gods. 


2. Extraordinary climate with A range of entertainment 

Pieria provides you with an opportunity all year round to relax and enjoy your holiday to the max.  


Suppose you plan to visit Pieria, Greece, in winter, when it is freezing. In that case, you can choose tours, walks through villages with picturesque landscapes, cultural life, and night outings that will leave you with unforgettable experiences. 


While In Summer, especially from July to August, when the temperature reaches +40C, visit the region’s coasts to feel the atmosphere of harmony with nature and enjoy various sports like Swimming, windsurfing, pedaloes, sailing, and diving a must. 


Additionally, if you are a Fan of extreme adventures, pay attention to the conquest of the legendary Olympus and climb directly into the homeland of the gods. 

However, in Autumn, you will be surprised by the glowing shades of nature as it extends over the entire region of Pieria. 


Mountain Olympus Pieria region in Autumn


3. Shopping facilities: 

You may wonder what to bring from a visit to Pieria. Ideally, you will have A comprehensive range of shops that can be found along the coastline to suit Your taste and your budget. 


Thus, each place allows you to choose souvenirs. You can get Tsipouro which is well-known in Pieria, Kassandra, and Crete. Moreover, Jewelry is stylish, as there are an enormous number of them, and most of them are handmade. 



4. Budget-Friendly Accommodations Variety:  

Pieria is a vital tourist spot in Greece, meaning many hotel complexes, guesthouses, rooms, bungalows, and organized campsites exist. No matter what your budget is.  

And don’t worry, all hotels compare to the declared star rating. Also, prices in Pieria are slightly lower than on the islands and more popular Greek resorts.  

Hence, a 5-star hotel will cost 80-150 euros per day for a double room, and a 4-star hotel – for 60-90 euros, which is not inadequate in terms of service 5-star. In contrast, the cost of a double room in the guest houses is 40-60 euros per day. 


5. Delicious food with cuisines variety:  

Along Pieria’s coastline, you will enjoy many traditional bars, cozy eateries, and an abundance of snack bars available, which provide all types of food from Bougatsa in breakfast, Gyros, and Souvlaki throughout the day, ending with a wide range of plates of pasta in the evening or yummy Greek local recipes.


6. Easy Getting around (organized roadways and Harbors): 

Pieria has only Three parallel streets, and you can get around the region by bus or train. This makes transportation while planning to visit Pieria a matter of choice. 


Additionally, Pieria contains several well-organized harbors and an excellent facility for small crafts. 


So, an unforgettable experience awaits you with ease mix the incredible natural elements with important archaeological sites. 


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