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Cherry Blossom Festival in Pieria: A Weekend of Blooming Beauty in Pieria region

The Cherry Blossom Festival in Pieria was absolutely stunning! Held over two days under the Greek National Tourism Organization, the festivities took place in Kolindros of Pydna-Kolindros Municipality on Saturday, April 13th, and in Rachi of Katerini Municipality at The Agricultural Cooperative “O AGIOS LOUKAS” on Sunday, April 14th. I bet it was a magical experience in Pieria region seeing all the beautiful blooms and celebrating springtime with the locals !

A Blossoming Paradise Awaits

The festival offered a delightful escape into nature, with guided tours led by local producers and agronomists through fields bursting with delicate cherry blossoms in Pieria region. These tours provide fascinating insights into cherry cultivation and the region’s rich agricultural heritage.

Cherry blossom in Pieria, Rachi, Greece
Cherry Blossom in Pieria 2024

A Celebration of the Senses

Throughout the event, attendees savored delectable cherry-based treats prepared by local institutions and associations. The opportunity to sample local cherry products, including pies, wine, and pomegranate juice, added a unique dimension to the culinary experience.

Live music by Local Musicians created a lively atmosphere, while a dedicated program kept younger festival-goers entertained with creative activities and writing workshops titled “Creativity Flourishes.

Moreover, The captivating painting exhibition by kindergarten and primary school students of Pieria region showcased their artistic talents, adding another layer of cultural richness to the celebration”

A Pedal Through Paradise

The festival offered an array of exciting activities that left attendees thrilled and amazed. For those with an adventurous spirit, the cycling tour through the cherry fields, organized in cooperation with the Sports Cultural Association “TRIAS,” provided a unique and breathtaking perspective of the stunning landscape.

Also, the festival culminated with a thrilling air show by The Pieria Air Club, leaving attendees breathless and eager for more. Don’t miss the chance to experience the excitement and beauty of this amazing festival!

Capturing the Beauty

A photography exhibition provided the perfect opportunity for festival-goers to capture the essence of The Cherry Blossom Festival and take home lasting memories.

Mrs. Angela Gerekou, President of the Greek National Tourism Organization
Mrs. Angela Gerekou, President of the Greek National Tourism Organization

The Cherry Blossom Festival in Pieria  is Beyond The Blossoms

The festival truly went above and beyond to offer an unforgettable experience to its guests. In addition to the stunning blossoms, attendees were treated to a delightful wine-tasting experience in the organic vineyards of Kourtis in Rachi.

It’s hard to imagine a more perfect combination of natural beauty and refined indulgence. It’s clear that the festival organizers spared no effort in providing an exceptional event that exceeded expectations.

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The Cherry Blossom Festival in Pieria is a Weekend to Remember

The Cherry Blossom Festival in Pieria offers a delightful weekend escape for all ages. Guests immersed themselves in the beauty of spring, savored delicious food, explored the region’s culture, and participated in various activities, creating lasting memories in this picturesque corner of Greece.

Note That! The Cherry Blossom Festival in Pieria is going to be extended to 7 days next year, and you don't want to miss out on all the excitement!
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