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Welcome to Μanagraia, where you can Escape to a picturesque paradise. Managraia is in Sfendami, just 8 minutes/ 6 km away from Makrygialos Beach, exactly in Κολοκοτρώνη 7, Makrygialos, 60100, Pieria region, Greece.

Managraia is a built-up word, as Mr. Hristos (The Owner) and his cousins name their grandmother Mana=Mother and Graia=Old Women. So, once you enter Managraia, you will feel nostalgic and get charmed by the warm classical decorations in every corner that are meticulously decorated to inspire you during your stay.

We have aimed to furnish Managraia in Sfendami with the same standards as Dimitras villas in Ritini, Pieria region, Greece, to create a truly enchanting experience.

This 2-bedroom air-conditioned villa consists of 1 living room and a balcony with a spectacular view of the sea.

Also, Managraia has a well-equipped kitchen that best suits your needs for preparing and storing your meals.

Moreover, Managraia features scrubbed, cleaned, and disinfected toilets, a shower, and clean towels. Not to mention the clean bed linens that will guarantee you a blessed deep sleep after a long hike day.

Coming to the most fun part, Managraia has a spectacular landscape suitable for playing, relaxing, or enjoying sitting in nature. In addition to its private parking.

Also, it is about 48 miles away from Thessaloniki's Airport, and we offer a paid airport shuttle service.

Managraia is your gate to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature every morning, embark on an adventure to Mount Olympus, explore charming nearby villages, and savor the delectable local cuisine paired with exquisite wines.

Create memories that will last a lifetime with Managraia in Sfendami and book your stay now!

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