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Με αγάπη και μεράκι, κρατώντας την παράδοση του τόπου μας, σας περιμένουμε να απολαύσετε ξεχωριστές γεύσεις από ντόπια κρέατα στη σχάρα καθώς και ψητά της σούβλας (κεμπάπ χοιρινό, κοκορέτσι, αρνάκι γάλακτος, μπριζόλα, πανσέτα, σπληνάντερο).

Επίσης μπορείτε να γευτείτε εκλεκτά μαγειρευτά πιάτα όπως: κόκορα κρασάτο, κότσι χοιρινό, σκορδομπούτι, μάγουλα μοσχαρίσια, ζυγούρι στη γάστρα. Το μενού συμπληρώνεται με αγριογούρουνο μαγειρεμένο, αγριογούρουνο μπιφτέκι και λουκάνικο, βουβάλι με κρασί και θυμάρι, βουβαλίσια μπριζόλα. Σας περιμένουμε!


Where every flavor tells a story.

Our famous local tavern To Palio Sxoleio serves amazing food inspired by the seasons and features a friendly interior with a large welcoming fireplace. Our tavern is inspired by the old school of the village, preserving its atmosphere, with dozens of children’s paintings on the walls.

To Palio Sxoleio is located right in the heart of Palio Elatochori in Pieria region, where you can enjoy the benefits of a healthy, sustainable, and delicious meal.

In our tavern, you will enjoy unique flavors of local grilled meats such as pork kebab, chicken, milk lamb, steak, pancetta, splenander.

As creativity is always on our menu, the menu is completed with wild boar cooked, wild boar burger and sausage, buffalo with wine and thyme, and buffalo steak. Furthermore, you can taste exquisite cooked dishes such as rooster in wine, pork shank, garlic leg, veal cheeks, zygouri in the shell.

Our local dishes are only as good as their ingredients. That's why we use top-quality ingredients in each of our pure, natural, nutritious meal that tastes amazing as the first bite will blow your mind. The second will transport you to another dimension.

We are waiting for you. So, come for the food, and stay for the atmosphere!

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