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Στο Οινομαγειρείο "ΤΖΙΒΑΕΡΙ", θα βρείτε όλες τις γεύσεις της ελληνικής παραδοσιακής κουζίνας. Οίνος ευφραίνει καρδία. Ελληνική παραδοσιακή κουζίνα ευφραίνει την ψυχή...

Ο λόγος για το οινομαγειρείο "Τζιβαέρι"  στο Ελατοχώρι Πιερίας. Εκεί όπου οι γεύσεις συναντούν την καλή μουσική.

Και η διασκέδαση τη φύση.


Experience the new taste

Tzivaeri tavern is located at an old traditional settlement of Elatochori, Pieria region. We offer greek cuisine and are famous for our fresh dishes that will allow you to grab vitality with your fork. Our tavern is an all-season place to visit, whether winter with snow or fall with rain and brow.

Tzivaeri tavern was established by the owner Mr. Yiannis Papavramidis, who came from Thessaloniki and opened his tavern in 2006. It is characterized by beautiful decoration, and the stunning atmosphere and the open fireplace standing in the center of the tavern will remind you of ancient history.

Our menu always includes a pinch of passion in every dish. At Tzivaeri tavern, you will enjoy the wild boar with plums dish, roe deer, venison, and hogget 1-year-old in the hull. In Addition, we make our bread with two-year-old sourdough as our owner says that the older the sourdough, the better the bread, aromatic, fluffy, etc. Then, after the meal, we will offer you our traditional delicious sweets.

Additionally, our tavern will surprise you with joy with our live music at various events to enjoy family time and spend more moments.

Simply, you can have exclusive access to unique experiences while walking in paths or doing activities at the ski center located in the spot, then enjoying a great meal at our Tzivaeri tavern.

Tzivaeri tavern is always here to serve you.

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