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Katerini Municipal Park is an expanse of green of approximately 52 acres. It is a well-maintained park with water features, a wide variety of trees, monuments, a kids' playground, engaging games, an outdoor Theater, and resting benches and tables.

Katerini Municipal Park is in the heart of Katerini, Pieria region. It was once used as a barrack and a venue for military exercises at the end of the 19th century when Katerini was part of Thessaloniki, which was under Ottoman occupation. Later, after the liberation of Thessaloniki, it was turned into one of the most beautiful parks in Pieria region.

Now, Katerini Municipal Park hosts the Cultural Center of Katerini, a branch of the municipality library, in addition to music and art halls. There is also a small outdoor theater that hosts various music and dancing events every year.

In addition, you can ask the library for rackets and balls or bring your own to enjoy free rounds of ping-pong on the Ping-Pong tables or round of Teqball on the Curved Teqball tables here. Also, you can enjoy playing chess games on the 3D chess boards.

Also, there are many animals and birds in the cages, dogs park, rich flora and fauna, stone structure waterfalls, fountains, monuments, and cafes.

Lastly, The Municipal Park of Katerini is easy to access whether by taxi or bus, or even by car, as you can leave it in the near parking and enjoy a full safe day of a flat stroll, relaxing, playing, eating, and exploring away from the hustle and bustle of cars and crowds of the city.

Address: 7is Merarchias 13, Katerini 601 00, Pieria region, Greece

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