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The Archaeological Park of Dion is one of the most important sites in the Pieria region. Thanks to its unique ancient Macedonian sanctuary of Zeus and the ancient city.

The Archaeological Park of Dion is about 1,500 acres of rich urban area and sanctuaries and is located just a few kilometers from the Pierian shores at the foothills of Mount Olympus. It was considered by the Macedonians to be one of the most important religious and cultural sites.

The excavations have been carried out on the site since the 1920s by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki after being rediscovered in 1806 by an English explorer. Fortunately, these excavations have brought lots of ruins of several buildings and monuments to the surface.

The archaeological park of Dion includes many surrounding sanctuaries such as Demeter's Sanctuary, dated from the Archaic up to the Roman period, Zeus's Sanctuary, constructed during the Hellenistic period, and Asclepius's Sanctuary, built in the 4th century. In addition, you will see the floor decorated with Mosaics, and a headless statue of Hera underneath the area, the ruins of a sanctuary dedicated to the Egyptian goddess Isis and Anubis in the east.

The park also contains two theaters, the Hellenistic theater's ruins, which were modernized with a classical one to host the annual Festival of Olympus, and a Roman one built in the 2nd century BC during the Roman period.

Also, you will be astonished by the city walls. They were built by the Macedonian king Cassander from Mount Olympus's limestone between 306 and 304 BC.

Furthermore, many Macedonian tombs dating back to the 4th century are on the site. They include several burial objects, such as gold jewelry, golden and silver coins, glass bottles that may have contained perfumes, glass jars, and copper mirrors. In the bargain, one of the most important private houses discovered in different parts of the site was the Villa of Dionysus, famous for its rich Mosaics.

Address: 60100 DION, PIERIA Region, GREECE

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