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Welcome to the  28th Prometheus celebration ! As the Media Sponsor, we are delighted to announce that  Prometheia Festival 2023  will take place this year on July 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th at the base of Mount Olympus,  Pieria region , Greece.

This 28-year-old Prometheia Festival is a four-day event that gathers several thousand Hellenic followers from all over Greece and many other countries to celebrate Ancient Greece’s culture, wisdom, history, and traditions.

As a  participant in Prometheia Festival 2023 , you will have the opportunity to get to know our Greek spirit and ethos. Also, you will express your faith in the ancient Greek Gods by wearing the Greek Ancients’ chlamys, archaic-style sandals, and a wreath on your head to feel with rapture the ancestral soul.

For the most precious part, you will honor the ancient philosophers and philosophical schools with public debates and events to attend artistic, sports, cultural, and performance events.

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Prometheia Festival 2023 is a celebration for all who honor Greek Education and Culture. So, you are all welcome to clarify the thought and values ​​of our Greek ancestors that can be a source of spiritual renewal and hope.

Here is a brief program of Promethia Festival 2023 events .. !

Thursday, July 6, 2023

  • Time 19:00 Cleansing of Alsus Prometheus and Touch of Promethean Fire. Ritual
    start of Procurement 2023 (PROMITHEUS PYRFOROS)
  • Time 20:00 Discovering the First-born Love.
    Text. Mind, Soul and Body. An experiential approach.
    Reporter: Andriana Papanikolaou.
  • Time 21:00 Live art music – Guitar and
    song – Parmenion

Friday July 7, 2023

  • Time 13:30 Speech on the topic: “The intrauterine experience
    foundation of life and learning »
    Speaker: Eleni Kotsoyianni.
    Edited by: Hellenic Society of Prenatal Education.
  • Time 15:00 Educational speech on the topic: “Circle of Ancients
    rhythms with percussion” with Lefteris Aggouridakis. (Anyone
    has his own percussion can bring it and declare it)
  • Time 18:30 Ritual of flame delivery to
    athletes, in Dion (in front of the Archaeological Museum) –
  • Time 20:30 Litochoro Square: Arrival of flame from Dion
    and the grand Promethean procession through its streets
  • Time 21:30 Litochoro outdoor theater:
    – “Long live the sacred fire of the soul”
    Choreographed by Keiren Kyrini Achladas
    Organization: Culture. Prometheus Pyrforos Association
    -Sacred journey to Olympus: “Priestess in time”
    Dance theater act.
    Dancers: Andriana Papanikolaou, Katerina Karadima,
    Sandra Voulgari, Keiren Kyrini Achlada, Papachrysostomou Olga.
    “Dwellings of Nymphs” Dance group Perpetual Forms.
  • Time 23:45 Midnight speech on the topic: “The Greek
    man” – Speaker: Sokratis Payatakis

Saturday, July 8, 2023

  • Time 09:30 Ceremony in the waters of Enipea. Gathering time
    09:00 in the square of Litochoro, Pieria region and departure for
  • Time 12:00 Speech “The Woman in the past and the message
    of Hypatia for equality”.
    Greetings: Altintasiotou Georgia.
    Speaker: Athanasios Mertzanidis.
  • Time 13.30 Distribution of kykeon
  • Time 14:00 Speech with the theme: “Dissecting the myth of
    Protagoras”. Speaker: Konstantinos Stavropoulos
  • Time 15:00 Speech on the topic: “The Greek world view as
    conduit of universal thought and all six human
    species contributing to it”
    Speaker: Panagiotis Terpandros Zachariou
  • Time 16:30 Speech on the topic: Greek theogony “the of the
    human eyes secreted”
    Speaker:: Semeli Travlou
  • Time 17:30 Theatrical educational program “Adventure
    in Olympus”, with the teacher Olga Papachrystomou
    and the dance teacher Sandra Voulgari
  • Time 19:30 Ritual altar setting and ceremony
    establishing an altar (PROMETHEUS PYRFOROS)
  • Time 21:30 Start of mystical events under the title
    “Promethean Fire, eternal and eternal”.
    Texts – Direction: Georgia Altintasiotou
    Choreography: Keiren Kyrini Achladas.
    Sound engineer: Athanasios Parmenion Tzachristas
    Organisation: PROMITHEUS PYRFOROS.

Sunday, July 9, 2023

  • Time 10:00 Final action “Hours”.
  • Time 10:30 Honors Ceremony to Apollo by
    Priestly group of PROMTHEUS PYRPHOROS
  • Time 11:00 Namings with the standard of the patron saint
    delivery (Priest group PROMETHEUS PYRPHOROS
  • Time 12:00 Established annual meeting of all agencies

Coordinator: Konstantinos Stavropoulos

Learn more about Prometheia Events here:


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