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Bike Experience at the 2nd Panhellenic Meeting Free Cycling in Elatochori, Pieria Region Live! 2023 | The Event Recap

On Sunday, April 9th, we had a great bike experience at  The 2nd Panhellenic Meeting Free Cycling Event in Pieria region, specifically in the village of Charm, Elatochori. 

With its two talented coordinators (Mr. Ofidis & The MTB leader Mr. Dimitris Milioris) and shockingly good affordable food, the event’s vibes fed our spirits, provided quality time, and spectacular bike experience with the participants, partners, and friends in the biking industry.

The participants were a little bit few due to the cloudy and rainy weather in Pieria region. However, they were a friendly group of bicycle lovers.

Mr. Giannis, about 67 years old, and his wife, Mrs. Alexandra, are long-distance cyclists and came with other friends from Thessaloniki on bikes!

At 13:00, we were feeling a bit hungry and thirsty, so we teamed up with the crew from Canteen Ofidis to host a happy hour full of charcuterie, local meats, salads, and freshly fried potatoes combined with the mountain views, and plentiful beverages like coffees, the Tsipouro (Mr. Ofidis calls it Agiasma means Holly water).

Despite being cold in the Pieria region, the event’s vibe was great, as there was no rain there. In addition, the fire in the grill placed outside and inside Canteen Ofidis with the heat from the stove makes the experience unforgettable.

We enjoyed the wheelie machine, a mini BMX & MTB track for children, and a playground that operated all day in the canteen area. At the end of the day, everyone left optimistic and happy because this was a start for Sundays with bike experiences.

a participant enjoyed bike experience on the wheelie machine at the event

Mr. Ofidis, the owner of this breathtaking place at an altitude of 990m, wish that all of you know about this place that is open & Free every Sunday. There, you can play in the playground and enjoy the bike experience at the park, the safety in the place, and the great food at lower and affordable prices.

a mini BMX & MTB track for children at canteen Ofidis, Elatochori, Pieria region.

Participants’ impressions from all Pieria region: –

“The first SAFE cycling area for children in the Pieria mountains has started to operate!” MR. Dimitris Milior is

“Can’t wait to come again to Pieria mountain, see the place and enjoy bicycling in fool spring.” a biker from Katerini

“What an amazing bike experience and so beautiful things to remember.” Bikers from Thessaloniki

Photo Recap:-


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