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Why do Greeks eat salted Cod Fish on 25th of March?

In Greece, every day is a blessing. however, some days have their value and charm. March 25th is a dual national holiday that holds sacred religious meaning, as it marks the annunciation of the Virgin Mary. Additionally, it has political significance in starting the Greek war against Ottoman rule, which had oppressed them for nearly 400 years in 1821, and celebrating the independence of all Greeks. So, eating Salted Cod Fish is the Greek way of celebrating this dual holiday.

These two significant events are marked with a National Holiday in Greece. On this remarkable day the strict Lent which many follow in these days preceding Easter has to be lifted, and eating Salted Cod Fish is allowed.

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In Greece, Salted Cod Fish (bakaliaro) with (Skordalia/Σκορδαλιά) is the taste of independence. It is a Greek tradition that dates back to the 15th century. We all know that Cod fish is not a Greek fish? however, it was first selected by the Greek ancestors for purely economic reasons. Salted Cod Fish is available and affordable to everyone and all regions whether coastal or inland. Whatever the climate, Greeks always know that they would find Salted Cod Fish available in Mediterranean grocery stores, supermarkets, or a well-stocked fishmonger, and also could be kept outside the refrigerator.

Enjoy the 25th of March by preparing Salted Cod Fish and Skordalia from scratch at home, going to the next restaurant or tavern, or calling the delivery service.





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