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Katerini’s Events | The 12 Labors of Hercules at Katerini Municipal Park, Pieria Region, Greece!

Katerini is a welcoming city that is full of wonders. It is a city and municipality in northern Greece, the capital city of the Pieria region in Central Macedonia, Greece. You could call Katerini the land of the unexpected and that’s what you will see during your experience of The 12 Labors of Hercules, and it’s well worth making it a holiday destination at any time of the year.

In Katerini, you can find unique, distinctive, and different events like comedy, art, and festivals. Also, you will find some captivating free events to take away all the fun experiences and soak in the culture and entertainment scene here. 

Fortunately, if you are in Katerini in May 2023 with your family, you will live the best experience of your life.

Starting from May 12 to May 31, 2023. you can enjoy free entrance to experience The 12 Labors of Hercules” at Katerini Municipal Park as part of the  2nd Park Festival Program of the Municipality of Katerini. 

This free Greek experience that will be discussed in the Spectacular Greek language in the Municipal Park is designed especially for entertainment. You and your family can travel on an interesting journey through time to meet the man, myth, and legend that is still well-known today, Hercules .

The 12 Labors of Hercules are some of the most impressive tales in Greek Mythology. Hence, most of you guys are familiar with the heroic figure of ancient folklore, Hercules. Whether you have studied Greek epics or recently rewatched Disney’s films. But did you hear about the twelve impossible tasks that Hercules had to complete to atone for the murder of his family?

Ideally, you will follow him in his journey to perform the 12 labors for Eurystheos , king of Mycenae, that were instructed by the Greek god Apollo to atone for his crime of murdering his wife and all their children in a realistic environment connected with the relevant scenography.

Check the Full Program here:  2nd KATERINIS PARK FESTIVAL – Program of events May 12 to 31 .

In addition to the program, You can spend hours enjoying lots of interesting things in the Park once you park there and start walking from Plateia Eleytherias, from Megalou Alexandrou Street, as it is safe for children or adults. So, you will enjoy 20-30 minutes of shopping and easy strolling until you reach the park.

Once you reach the park, you will find ping pong tables, 2 big ground chess boards, table for Teqball (It is a ball sport that is played on a curved table and combines elements of Sepak Takraw and table tennis). Then, you can enjoy a festival of flavors there to complete your Greek experience with a delicious street food meal.

We hope to meet you there!

If you line up plans in Katerini, whether you are a local, new in town, or plan to stay for one week, you will find something that piques you. 

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