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Places To Stay if you find yourself in Elatohori, Pieria Region for a Greek holiday!

Elatochori features several good accommodation options. It is also home to some seriously fantastic hotels worth value for money as well. Sun-seeking couples, families, or even friends who favor the seaside resorts over the mountains or along the beach will surely love this mountainous village that lies on the Pierian Mountains, Pieria region, Greece.

Here are the best hotels in Elatochori, chosen by us as locals, including luxury hotels, 4-star hotels, self-catering villas, and budget hotels.

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1. Pierion Musses

Pierion Musses from the top covered with ice, Elatochori, Pieria region.
Pierion Musses, Elatochori, Pieria region.

The hotel is located between Pieria, Imathia, and Kozani. Its location gives you the possibility of many sightseeing routes and nature surroundings. In addition, all the rooms include handcrafted and trendy furniture.


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2. Vaela hotel

Vaela hotel from the top, elatochori, Pieria region.
Vaela Hotel, Elatochori, Pieria region.

The stylish 3-star Vaela Pallas Cultural Resort & Spa has many theme rooms and suites inspired by places worldwide, like English Suite or Thalassa suite.

Fortunately, all those charming guest rooms have the same panoramic view from the mountain at right angles to the sea. The hotel has been on a steady rise recently, as families with young children prefer it because of its space and playground.

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3. Atrion highland hotel

Atrion Highland hotel from the top, Elatochori, Pieria region.
Atrion Highland Hotel, Elatochori, Pieria region.

Atrion Hotel offers beautiful rooms with energy fireplaces and comfortable rooms at attractive prices and, most importantly, in a strategic location in the center of the village.

The hotel offers spectacular views of Mount Olympus. Ideally, you will enjoy winter vibes while sitting in your suite beside the fireplace. In addition, the hotel is renowned for its splendid service and hospitality.

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4.      Dimitras villas

Dimitras Villa from outside, Elatochori, Pieria region
Dimitras Villas, Elatochori, Pieria region.

Some self-catering options in Elatochori like, (Dimitras Villa), are perfect for families and groups looking for a bit of privacy and independence.

The Villa is great for Couples, Large families with children, or Business groups that can sleep up to 7 guests and is hard to beat.

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5.      Alseides Boutique Hotel

Alseides Boutique Hotel and a natural view on Elatochori, Pieria region, from the top
Alseides Boutique Hotel, Elatochori, Pieria region.

The bar of the Alseides hotel is a place of high aesthetics with a view of Thermaikos gulf and the Pieria mountains. The large central fireplace, the luxury, and the earthy colors of the decoration all combined with the impeccable service offer you days and nights of fun, relaxation, and communication.


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6. Mythos Hotel

Mythos Hotel, Elatochori, Pieria region.
Mythos Hotel, Elatochori, Pieria region.

Mythos Hotel is set among beech and chestnut trees, at an altitude of 870 meters, in the village of Elatochori. It offers rooms and suites with stunning views and a restaurant serving local specialties.

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