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Litochoro has maritime traditions that make it the home to many shipowners and sailors. So, the idea of this Maritime Museum came in 1998 from The Association of Retired Naval of Litochoro, Pieria region to rescue and house the history of its Naval Cultural Heritage.

The Maritime relics come from donations from nautical families or collected from the households of former seafarers. Later until 2002, those pieces were gathered and brought together.

Then, in 2004 The Maritime Museum of Litochoro was established and registered by the Greek Ministry of Culture as an "institution of Cultural Maritime Heritage."

The Museum is located on Agiou Nikolaou Street (the main street of Litochoro). It includes an excellent collection with more than 1000 items from different chronological periods like models of boats and original replicas of ships that were once home here. Also, you will find old photos, some almost 100 years old, showing proud families in the shipyard who supervise the construction of their ships, and some show some sailors in port.

Moreover, the museum contains some nautical devices, such as compasses, chronometers, sextants, and even a model of a torpedo boat that sank a Turkish warship in front of the port of Thessaloniki in 1912.

It also contains a wonderful collection of copper art, metalwork, woodwork, ceramics, machine tools, navigation instruments, weapons, models, archival material, clothing, and textiles. In addition, anchors, buoys, ship propellers, and a torpedo are placed in front of the museum.

Once you enter this stunning place you will find an experienced guide to give you his in-depth knowledge of all the exhibits and the touching stories of seamen and ships.

Address: Agiou Nikolaou 15, Litochoro 602 00, Greece

Opening Hours:

Winter/Spring: Friday-Saturday 18:00-20:00 or 19:00-21:00 and Sunday 10:00 – 12:00
July-August: Everyday 20:00 – 22:30

We suggest you confirm by phone the opening hours for the Museums you wish to visit.


Litochoro Maritime Museum ticket price:
Full: 2€ - Kids under the age of 12, schools, Army, and Disabled : Free


3D virtual tour of the Maritime Museum of Litochoro


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