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Saint Cosmas of Aetolia Chapel is a 17th-century church in the village of Ano Milia, in the style of a Basilica, was built of stone. It has a wonderful bell tower and a beautifully decorated interior.

On this natural balcony in the Pieria mountains and in the historic Milia of Pieria, Patrocosmas the Aetolos, placed an iron cross on a fork of a small pine tree, between 1765 and 1770. Since then the pine tree has not grown at all, it has never burned as many even if the area had fires. It stands there proud through the ages, testifying to the grace of God.

In the Pieria mountains, at an altitude of 100 m and at a distance of 25 km from the city of Katerini, in a rich forest of pines, firs and beeches, lies the historical settlement of Ano Milia. Ano Milia was first inhabited in the 17th century.

After the battle of Milia (April 2, 1822), it was destroyed by the Turks. It was rebuilt and operated as a holiday settlement until December 12, 1943, when it was set on fire by the German occupation authorities.

In the center of the settlement is the Holy Church of Agia Paraskevi, while just outside the settlement are the ruins of the historic Tower of the legendary kleftarmatolic family of the Lazei. (In Greek: Λαζαίοι)

But a great blessing for the inhabitants and all Pierians, is the fact that the great Missionary Agios Kosmas the Aitolos passed through there, who was hosted during the surrender at the tower of Lazei.

A visible sign and memory of his visit is the IRON CROSS stuck in the fork of a tree (pine). The amazing thing is that the Cross has remained unchanged to this day. It reminds everyone of the crossing of Agios Kosmas from Ano Milia and teaches that our faith is alive and miraculous.

About the experience: Easy, small distance, hiking in woods, available fresh water, good for families with children.

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