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The Holy Cave of Agios Dionysios (Σπήλαιο Αγίου Διονυσίου) was constructed under a hanging rock just above Enipeas Spring in a southeasterly direction from The Old Monastery of Agios Dionysios.
It is not far from the Old Monastery of Agios Dionysios (Saint Dionysios) as it is about a 15–20-minute walk From the Parking Lot of the Old Monastery.

Also, it is accessible by a paved road that leads from Litochoro to the foot of Mount Olympus. At the end of the road (about 20 km) is the mountain lodge “Prionia Shelter”, which is the starting point for ascending Mt. Olympus. The turnoff to the monastery is only 2 km before the end of the road.

The Holy Cave Agios Dionysios consists of a holy space where Saint Dionysios honored the sacred liturgy during his time as a hermit and a small shed that served as a shelter to sleep.

Now The Holy cave operates as a shrine and dedicated to Saint Dionysios and attracts visitors every year to witness and taste the holy water.

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