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The Myths and Realities Of the top 5 best Pieria Region Waterfalls

Pieria region is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations to visit in Greece, as the existence of numerous precious waterfalls denotes it.

This makes us think that we present to you in this blog the top 5 best Pieria Region Waterfalls that you should not miss. Hence Visiting these waterfalls in Greece and their lagoons is an unforgettable experience.

1. The Red Rock Waterfall, Pieria, Greece.

The Red Rock Waterfall comes at the top of this list. it is located on the eastern side of Mount Olympus , above the city of Dion ; which brings you to the eighteen meters high Red Rock waterfall and its pools. If you want to experience paradise in the middle of the mountains, you should take a walk on this beautiful hiking path is a perfect trail for a few hours hike.

The natural waterhole underneath the Red Rock Waterfall is entirely apart from its crystal-clear water. However, its water is frigid, so we recommend swimming in the hot summer weather, as many people do.

Additionally, along the trail are many more pools you can float in, de-stress and relish the stunning nature.

You will walk through a hiking trail along the impressive Orlias Canyon , which contains lush forest and water streams from the Orlias river .

Orlias stream and Waterfalls, Pieria, Greece

2.      Sotiri Rema Waterfall Elatochori, Greece.

This 10-meter-high Sotiri Rema Waterfall is surrounded by overgrown greenery, a wooden bridge, and a bench with a height of about 1090m.

It is a bit of a hidden treasure in Elatochori, close to the Elatochori ski resort. Furthermore, it is excellent for a refreshing dip in the chilly waters.

Waterfall Elatochori Pieria Greece

3.  Agia Kori & Arapi Waterfalls, Mount Olympus, Greece.

Agia Kori waterfall combines magical and mysterious. It is one of the most enchanting places on Mount Olympus, surrounded by lofty trees with lush greenery and vertical bluffs. The water from the little tap at the chapel is said to be sacred water, so be sure to drink some!

Agia Kori & Arapi Waterfalls, Mount Olympus, Greece.

Ideally, This Place is perfect if you are a nature lover, want to hike in the mountains and swim in a lagoon with crystal clear waters as it is at the lower slopes of the northern part of Mount Olympus and starts at Agioi Apostoloi near Vrontou in the north part of Pieria region.


Also, if you don’t want to swim or hike to the cave, you can walk or drive to one or more of the unique places near Agioi Apostoloi.

Hiking Activities in Pieria, Greece

4.      Enipeas Waterfall Litochoro, Greece.

Completing the series of Mount Olympus nearby waterfalls, Enipea is a river that crosses Mount Olympus’s sides, providing this sacred water and incredible dealings of pools and waterfalls to Litochoro!

To reach Enipeas waterfall, you can follow the E4 International Trail of Climbing Paths of Mount Olympus, which traverses Enipea gorge, an easy and safe walking path, passing beautiful wooden bridges and crossing the road where Agios Dionysios rehearsed. Then, after about twenty minutes, you will reach Agios Dionysios monastery, which is worth a visit.

A few minutes from this point, the trail leads to the beautiful Enipeas Waterfall, where the best view you will ever see is granted.

While the waterfall ends in a natural lagoon, which makes it one of the best Pieria region waterfalls in Pieria.

Additionally, Children love to swim around the incredible water with their families. In contrast, adults enjoy this place greatly as it gives you a wonderful and romantic experience.

Orlias Waterfalls, Pieria, Greece


We strongly recommend looking at our and searching for a local specialist in outdoor activities, so you can enjoy your adventure safely.

Lastly, You’re unique, and you have a unique experience. So, don’t hesitate to share your experience on our listing page by rating those waterfalls depending on your experience.

So, your review can help more travelers to discover more about them and create unforgettable memories as you’ll do!




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