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Uncover Sotiris Rema Waterfall secrets | Best Day Hikes in Pieria Greece 

Elatochori offers the best day hikes in Greece, thanks to its breathtaking landscapes and inspiring adventure. It is an exceptional opportunity to connect with nature while traveling in the footsteps of centuries of humanity. 


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I’m Sotiria Oustampasidou a Mountain Guide who married an Ultra Mountain Runner. I completely dipped myself in the natural stress-relieving advantages of breathing fresh air and Mother Nature. That’s why I understand my passion for the Mountain of the Muses. 


Honestly, this trip is one of my best day hikes in Greece. As I guided my family in addition to another family. So, I’m thrilled to share this tour with you guys. 


Ideally, this hiking tour focuses on an expansive range of Elatochori’s most iconic hike routes, making it the ideal trip for energetic hikers interested in checking the Pieria region off of their bucket lists. 


Pieria Mountains attract hiking and recreation lovers and sports enthusiasts who enjoy endorphin-boosting effects, especially when getting outdoors. Also, the mountains here are excellent for climbing and exploring hike paths on mountain bikes and 4×4 jeeps. 


Hiking has a physical and emotional impact. It also providestime for consideration, which can be very relaxing. Additionally, it is a good way for families to spend quality time. Learning and sharing along the way make for an enjoyable tour. 


Hiking around Elatochori 

We were two families want to discover the best of Elatochori, which is suited to the eastern Pieria Mountains. So, we started to plan our stay right by staying in the quiet, protected, and coolheaded Dimitras Villas with its fascinating view of Mount Olympus, which is the perfect destination for those desiring moments of peace and tranquility. 


First and foremost, we started our day early, though we can start our best day hike tour from Dimitras Villas in Greece with 4×4 jeeps in the morning. 


On our way, I pointed to the picturesque landscapes of Elatochori, providing interesting information about Greek legends. What surprised me is that even the children were attentive to what I was saying as if it was magic. 


After a while, as I’m democratic, I showed them the map of the Pieria Mountains and informed them about Elatochori’s Paths to let them choose which one to track on our hike tour. 


We started in the direction of Elatochori Ski Centre, trying to meet special mushrooms through the mushroom bath. Subsequently, we hiked through the botanical path of Erato, where we could reach the captivating Sotiri Rema Waterfall and more little fetching water sources.  


Back to Dimitras Villa  

We hiked for 3-4 hours from the point Nikola Pigadi enacted by Keramida. We enjoyed the rich Flora, including all the familiar species of Mount Olympus. In addition to many small old villages on the Mountain’s slope. Finally, we reached the old traditional village of Elatochori after three hours of easy hiking. 


The hiking tour was leisurely for the whole family even the kids. As they walked through trees, floated Sotiri Rema’s waterfall, and hiked Elatochori’s most gorgeous trails. Then we were rewarded by the beauty of the location and the picturesque Sotiri Rema waterfall. 


1 Night in Dimitras Villas 

We returned to the picturesque town and spent a full-moon night at the Dimitras Villas in Ritini. A classic charm with a modern twist decorated Villa is designed with careful attention to detail, with no neighbors above or below us. The owners also offer us warm, welcoming greetings. 


After the day ended, we tucked into a hearty meal. Thus, we enjoyed Fasolada, a traditional Greek soup that I highly recommend, souvlakia, local tsipouro (alcohol), Onion handmade pie, and fresh peppers handmade pie, besides the exquisite local red wine.  


No need to say that Seeing the kids run up and clutching the grass when we returned home and put our muddy booties in the closet was a magic moment. The dinner was fascinating, and it was a magical moment when gazed at the sky that I’ll never forget. Then we felt more relaxed while enjoying the stunning full-moon view and falling asleep under a sky full of stars. 


The next day, the sun was shining; however, the sunlight was generous and velvety. We woke up to birds chirping. The Trees were covered by the moisture falls. Then, we tried to maximize our enjoyment of the trip by starting a Sunday morning with pancakes and local products like Eggs, Honey, Bread, and lots of mouthwatering breakfast buffets. 


From there, we met the owners of Dimitras Villa (Dimitra and Christos) and attempted to have a fatty, languid, sweet-smoke BBQ party together. Ultimately, we enjoyed flavorful local grilled meats as we stock the BBQ essentials to help us cook like a pro, with the combination of the unbelievable local wine tasting from Giannis Pantoulis – Pantoulis Winery. 


Book your next experience  

The experience of crossing out into this great nature alongside expert guides leading your way in adventure and having quality time with your family or friends is not something to be missed. 


So, turn your travel passions into travel plans by Booking your next experience with me! I really would like to hear from you. 



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