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Top 3 Carnival’s Events in Municipality of Dion-Olympus

Looking for a fun-filled way to celebrate Carnival and Koulouma in Pieria region? Join us in Municipality of Dion-Olympus from March 7th to 18th for an amazing time.

You’ll get to enjoy colorful parades, traditional dances, and delicious food in the midst of breathtaking scenery. Trust us, you won’t forget these memories anytime soon! So come on over and join the festivities!

Where Can You Find Carnival Events in the Municipality of Dion-olympus?

1. Tsiknopempti (Thursday, March 7, 2024)

Grilled meat with skewers grilled on charcoal. Pieria region

Leptokarya, Thursday, March 7, 2024: 17:30 – Official opening ceremony for the “Leptokarya Carnival 2024” with a parade, music, and traditional dances.

Dion, Sunday, March 10, 2024: 10:30 – “Gathering of the citizens of Dion” with traditional dances and food.

Litochoro, Friday, March 15, 2024: 21:00 – Carnival parade with floats and costumes.

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2. Apokries (Sunday, March 17, 2024)

People Celebrate Apokries in Municipality of Dion-Olympus, Pieria region.

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Vrontou: 15:00 – “Vrontou Carnival” with a parade and traditional dances.

People with customs dance and celebrate Apokries in Municipality of Dion-Olympys, Pieria region

Dion: 21:30 – Burning of the bonfires.

Leptokarya: 20:00 – “Festival of the Cedars” with music and dancing.

Litochoro: 20:00 – Traditional burning Cedars in the neighborhoods.

People celebrate burning cedar in Municipality of Dion Olympus, Pieria region.

Neos Panteleimonas: 8:30 – Traditional dances and music.

Platamonas: 17:00 – Carnival parade & 19:00 – Burning of the “Tsagkala”.

Skotina: 19:30 – “Burning of the Tsagkala” with music, dancing, and food.

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Koulouma in Municipality of Dion-Olympus (Clean Monday, March 18, 2024)

2 women serving people with food in Clean Monday - Koulouma at Vrontou Mountaineering Club. Pieria region

Vrontou: 12:00 – “Koulouma” with kite flying and traditional food.

Dion: 11:00 – “Koulouma” celebrations with music and dancing & 8:00 – “The Flying of the Balloon” with music and food.

Karitsa: 11:00 – “Koulouma” celebrations with music, dancing, and food.

Kontariotissa: 11:00 – “Koulouma” celebrations with music, dancing, and food.

Leptokarya: 10:00 – Traditional “Koulouma” with music and dancing & 16:00 – “Leptokarya Carnival 2024” parade.

Litochoro: 10:00 – “Koulouma” celebrations with music, dancing, and food.

Neoi Poroi: 10:30 – “Koulouma” celebrations with activities for children, traditional dances, and food & 16:30 – “Burning of the Tsagkala”.

Neos Panteleimonas: 10:00 – “Koulouma” celebrations with food.

Platamonas: 11:30 – “Koulouma” celebrations with food.

Skotina: 11:00 – “Koulouma” celebrations with music, dancing, and food.

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Join us for the festivities!

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