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Pieria region: An Insider’s Look at Elatochori Village!

If you’re looking for a peaceful getaway in Pieria region and want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of Katerini city, why not check out Elatochori village?

Where is Elatochori village in Pieria region?

Elatochori is a tiny village tucked away in the mountains of Northern Greece, just 30 Km from Katerini, and 38 Km from Paralia, Pieria region.

a biker on a bike in the middle of the road in Elatochori village, Pieria region.

With its stunning view of Mount Olympus, Thermaikos Gulf, and Thessaloniki from an altitude of 800 meters above the sea and the rugged mountain terrain with its thick forests, you are in for a treat!

Why is Elatochori Worth Visiting?

Elatochori has two different settlements – the old one is a bit higher up in the mountain, and the new one is just starting to take off. The locals are incredibly welcoming, and you’ll feel right at home in their two settlements – the old and the new.

In 1944, the Germans razed the old one, but they managed to rebuild it and build new homes. In addition to some stunning tourist spots like restaurants, bars, and hotels.

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This makes it a popular spot with locals and visitors from all over the country who appreciate the scenery and delicious Greek food.

meat grilled over the grill in side a garden in Elatochori village, Pieria region.

Things to do in Elatochori!

Whether you are an adrenaline junkie or prefer a more relaxed pace, Elatochori village has something for everyone. Take in the fresh mountain air and try your hand at mountain biking, horseback riding, 4×4 riding, and hiking.

4 bikers driving along the road between the mountains in Elatochori village, Pieria region.

Plus, Elatochori offers an ideal location for those passionate about collecting mushrooms, making it an ideal spot for mushroom hunting activities.

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Whether you are just starting or an experienced skier, Elatochori ski resort is your perfect place. Elatochori ski resort is situated just 8 km away from Elatochori, and 36 km away from Katerini’s city center, at an altitude of 1,450m. With ten slopes starting from 1,450 meters and going all the way to 1,974 meters.

someone on a cable car between the mountains and green plants in Elatochori ski resort.

At its base of Elatochori ski resort, Aloha Chalet is situated. It provides a sumptuous dining and bar experience. Additionally, the facility offers rental of skis and snowboards. Moreover, the resort is home to a ski school and ski center, equipped with a fully-equipped clinic with a doctor on call.

view to the wooden Aloha Chalet covered with ice at the base of Elatochori ski resort, pieria region.

Make sure you don’t miss out on any of the area’s must-see attractions, like the Sotiri Rema waterfall , the chapel of Ai Neri, the secret waterfall of Kremasto, the old quarry of Sedoukia, the Agios Georgios monastery, Paliopaneagia, and the Agios Nikolaos temple. 

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So what are you waiting for? Come and experience the magic of Elatochori Village in the Pieria region!



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